Washing Instructions for your Towels plus fold options

09 April 2020

How to keep your Towels at their best:

Towel Washing method:
We often get asked the questions "how should I wash my Towels" or "how to keep towels soft."  To increase the longevity of your towels and keep them soft & fluffy, we highly recommend washing towels on a separate load (but make sure you don’t overload your machine, they do need a little room to move around.) Always wash towels without other clothes, in warm water (which isn't too hot or too cold, around 40 degrees is ideal). Towels also begin to feel stiff when too much detergent is used, detergent creates a soapy build up so don’t be tempted to add more detergent or fabric softener!

Fixing Stiff Towels:
The secret to a fluffy towel is removing the soapy build up, this doesn't need to be done on every wash just whenever they feel stiff. You can easily do this with things you might find you already keep in the cupboard such as baking soda or white vinegar. Every 4-8 weeks, simply swap out your fabric softener with a cup of white vinegar or mix your detergent with a cup of baking soda to remove that  build up which is notorious for making Towels less fluffy and less-absorbent.

Towel Drying Method:
It's common knowledge that tumble-dryer is the best way to dry your towels for a fluffy finish, however this can be costly (and time-consuming!) Plus too much heat can damage the delicate fibres, we have found that the best (and much more economical way) to dry towels is by simply air-drying them (fresh is best) until they are 90% dry, then tumble-drying for the last 10%. Many find that Tennis Balls and Dryer Balls can also help break apart and soften up the fibres.  

Fold options explained

For our Monogrammed Towels which are part of the Sophie Paterson for Coze Collection, we offer two fold options for you to display in your home. One is 'Two fold' - meaning that to display your Towels with the Monogram facing forward, you must fold the towel twice. Our second option is 'Easy fold' where as you can see from the diagram below, we embroider the towel in the centre of one half meaning that the towel only needs to be folded once to display the monogram in the centre. you can choose your fold option when ordering.

Coze offer a range View our Towels or contact us for further details.


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