Taking Care of Cashmere

14 November 2016

Cashmere is timeless, an investment. It has a soft-as-butter texture, travels well when folded & doesn’t crease easily. Cashmere is cosy in the winter yet cool in the spring; something all of us need with the unpredictable English weather! When taken care of, Cashmere really does last a lifetime.


What is Cashmere?

The finest & softest Cashmere fibers are sourced from the underbelly and throat of a Mongolian Kashmiri Goat in moulting season. These fibers are then delicately woven into an incredibly soft, lightweight but surprisingly warm material.


How should I wash Cashmere?

Firstly, never put your cashmere in a washing machine. The spin cycle is too harsh for Cashmere’s delicate fibers. We recommend hand washing your Cashmere with cool water and a fine / delicate hand wash soap. You can carefully press excess water out of the fibers with a towel, and air dry your item on a fresh dry towel.


How should I store Cashmere?

Cashmere should never be hung, but always neatly folded away on a shelf away from moths! You can protect your Cashmere by keeping it in a zipped garment bag.


How do I remove pills off Cashmere?

You are able to buy pill combs online which are specifically designed for the delicacy of Cashmere, however if you invest in one of our high quality Cashmere Blankets such as our Anzan, Gengin, Riki or Oshin Blankets & clean it regularly; you will find that pills will not develop.


Like a fine wine, there’s a cashmere blanket for everyone and they really do get better with age. If you have any further questions or would like assistance in choosing your perfect winter accessory, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 02038663939.


Happy Shopping!


The COZE Team



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