Five ways to Style your Home like a Glossy Magazine

24 November 2016

With ever changing trends, styling a home can be intimidating. Once you've mastered the basics however, there'll be no stopping you!

Step 1. Pick your colours

Before you even begin shopping, you need to choose your colour palette. Choose what you love, rather than what's currently in style. If you like bright colours, pick one or two primary shades along with some neutrals to compliment them. 


Step 2. Begin with Centerpieces.

An easy way to take inspiration for a room is by starting with a centerpiece, whether that be a piece of Furniture, a statement ornament or a pair of curtains in a style that you are drawn to - it's always good to have a solid base to refer to when adding to a room.


Step 3. Go green!

A 'quick fix' design solution for any room is to add plants, plants also fill the air with more Oxygen making it a cleaner living environment. Choose sparse points of your room to add succulents, cacti and floral arrangements for a truly effortless homely feel.


Step 4. Light it up.

Never underestimate the power of good lighting, well placed lighting can transform a room from clinical to cosy in a matter of seconds. Adding lamps with crystals or patterns can create shadows which add character without the commitment of wallpaper.


Step 5. Make it Cosy!

Make a room instantly inviting by strategically placing cushions, blankets and throws on your furniture. Fill your bathroom with Hotel quality towels and proudly display them in a variety of colours. Don't ever be afraid to layer a range of textures and colours as this always adds more character and charm to a room.


Happy Styling!


The Coze Team.


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